Podcasting Tips

Podcasting Tips

Here are a few of the tips for making better podcasts from our experience here at Global Advanced Media.

Use a good microphone. If you want a great sounding podcast get a decent microphone, and use a mic stand and pop stopper. Even a cheap wal mart mic can be decent if used properly, but having a cheap microphone with popping sounds when the letter “P” and “B” and the noise of handling a microphone will make for an annoying podacst.

Have a script or at least a loose outline before beginning to record your podacast - this will make for a smoother recording, and less editing later.

Edit your podcast. Even professional voice over artists make mistakes and a little editing can go a long way, even a simple editng package like the freely available audacity will make an otherwise choppy podcast smoother.

We will publish more podcasting tips as we work with more amateur podcasters and see what things that can be done better.

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