Hosting Tips

Hosting Tips

When considering a host for your web site or blog consider these things.

What is the price?

Is there an automatic backup, daily, weekly, or at all.

Are your pages being hosted on a shared server, where other people have sites running, whihc can sometimes lead to slow page loads, and some security risks?

Does the hosting your are paying for offer access to things like MySQL database and other services that you may require in the future?

Should you ever have to change hosting companies, there are a lot of tricky things that will need to be done, including dns changes, dnslag time, transfereing settings and databses, and more. It can become a real headache to go through this, and for that reason it is important to consider your needs before choosing a cheap web host, and consider possible future expansion to see if the web host you are considering will offer those upgrades, or if you will need to find a new one later.


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