Parental Controls

Parental controls

Here at Global Advanced Media we take protecting children from potentially harmful internet sites very seriously. Should your school, church group, community, or parents association  need education in this area, contact us for a consultaion, we offer free consultation in this area and can help you prepare a seminar, or host a group discussion in your community, or via an online webcast.

We feature some of the most popular web content filtering software here, as well as links to other parental resources for addressing the issues of child safety online. There is a tough balance between censorship and stewardship, and so we reccomend regular discussions with children about the media they view. Awareness about the controversial language and images that are available online, in video games, through music, t.v, and other media is the first step towards helping your children steer clear of content that may concern you, and an open discussion with your children will be more valuable than any censorship, as children are often quick adapters to technology, and when kids are left to thier own devices to consume whatever media they come across, they will often not discuss the issues with parents unless they feel that an open forum is available.

While we firmly agree that parents should have the right to install whatever software on computers that they own, we disagree with censorhip on any level for adults, and do not believe that broad internet filtering would do anything more than restrict information for adults, and care should be taken if keylogging type software is ever employed, that other people do not use your computer without knowing that there could be a security or prvacy comprimise. Kids today are faster adapters to technology than most adults, and I assure you that they communicate better about issues, and therefor kids will find loopholes, backdoors, secret passowrds, hacks, and ways of hiding information and thier viewing habits than adults will ever be able to filter completely. For this reason we do not reccomend relying solely on a software program, or v chip, or any other technology to protect children, we reccomend learning more parental communication skills to help protect children along with any other method considered.

As pointed out in an Internet Porn Tax article from the Washingtonpost Newsweek Interactive:

       The solution, as advocated by so many Internet safety experts from the pantheon of political viewpoints, is simple: Move the computer to the family room, and make sure the monitor is visible to anyone who walks through the room. While you're at it, install a content filter.

       I don't call that a total solution, but as long as the connection feeds the home, kids can use it to look at whatever they want. If we want a real solution, we need to talk to our children about sex, pornography and the difference between the two.

Learn more about internet porn content filters, or parent groups with information about protecting your children from inappropriate content online. We added a post on the Global Advanced Media blog about some info published on MSNBC about parental controls, we welcome you to read and comment about it if you wish.



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