Utilities I canít live without:

Spybot - are there web sites tracking your every move and selling the information to marketing companies? Iíll bet. download spybot and stop them now! You may also find some unruly Trojan horses using your computer power for other peopleís uses. After you disinfect you system, please, donít ever install gator or bonzai buddy again! Itís amazing how fast your computer is with our all the spy ware running isnít it! Send the author a donation - they do good things over there...direct download at cnet click here

Acronis Trueimage back up everything - all at once, your entire hard drive to another hard drive. If your drive fails, or lightning fried your computer, just plug in your ghost back up drive and your back in business. Ghost will back up all your programs, settings, windows updates - everything. of course youíll need another hard drive too, and I recommend either on external usb 2 or firewire (if you have usb 2.0 or firewire ports on your computer) or use a removable drive case.

Utilities you might want to try:

Belarc Advisor - This cool little program will scan your computer for you and list all the hardware and software you have installed and creates a web page you can also print of your settings.

PC Pitstop This utilitity is run from the pc pitstop website and it will scan and test your computer for you. It is an excellent way to auto fix some security problems,learn about the components that make up your computer and how they rate compared to other systems. Just click on full tests, and then new member then annonymous if you like - you donít have to sign up for a membership.

Also check out handybits easy file encryption. For email privacy it is now easier than ever to encrypt your email messages - SecExMail email encrypter. This one is  kind of advanced - but itís worth it. GnuPG will encrypt you documents, E-mails, and even permanently erase (wipe) files for you. Send and store your information securely and you wonít have to worry about anyone else accessing your information!

Eprompter - Until I upgraded to outlook xp I used eprompter to check all 6 of my E-mail addresses - and it would check them every 7 minutes for me. It now features ways to check more types of E-mail, and itís a great way to delete spam without downloading it your computer. Some E-mails I believe have web bugs in them and a company can tell if youíve opened it - therefore knowing to send you more spam!

AbiWord- I canít see buying Microsoft office for all 6 of my computers, so I use this abiword on most of them - it works great -and reads office apps too!

Write it now - creative writing software is great for people who want to write books, movies, screenplays, etc.

Mail Washer - Hate spam? Get a lot of it? Know what spammers hate? They hate it when E-mails ďbounce backĒ to them - that slows down their servers, and it means your address is not valid anymore - with mail washer you can bounce back all the crap you didnít ask for.

Password Agent will keep your passwords in one safe place.

Music Library - Organize all your music! CDs, mp3s, even has a great editor to edit the mp3 tags and filenames for you. Export your music library as a web page too!

I also enjoy the new winamp for playing music and organizing playlists, but there is not a good free CD ripper for it yet!



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