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Common Questions and Some Answers - FAQ

Currently, best method for initial contact is through the web form I have on the weblog section.

What do you charge, what is X going to cost?

Really depends on the project, the tools and assest I will need to use for your project.

Some ball park estimates?

Again, see FAQ 1 above. However here are some common projects and costs associated the average.

  1. Quick Change to my web site; $20 *
  2. Build a new web site; $400 - $8,000
  3. Voiceover project $60 minimum, $240 per hour of studio time; approx 40 min talk
  4. Consulting / General discussions, $120
  5. Coding / Editing $240 / hour

Web Sites - 400 - 8000 is a big ball park

Building a web site is similar to building in a house in a few ways. Some people don't think about the foundation, support beams, and maintenance, they just want a bay window and big kitchen with granite counter tops.

I need to know what your site is for, and how much of the work is being done by others. If you already have all the words and text together, and have your own photographer for example, things can move quicker and cheaper.

If you have all the text and pics, the $400 ball park can be like an online business card and an address to get email. This kind of static web site can be made in several ways, and won't need as much security and maintenance as say something that needs a dynamic contact form and the ability for you and your partners to login and add info.

If you want the ability to login and change things, then something like a wordpress based site may be best for you. These are excellent for many people, which is why they power a quarter of the main internet sites. Some things with wordpress can be faster, and save me time, which can save you money. Some things will take some extra time for me, that other wordpress site designers may skip on. Security plugins, backups, and updates for the site and it's plugins are an important issue with these types of dynamic sites.

With a wordpress based site you can save time and money by choosing a few themes you might like for your project. I enjoy theme theme surfing, and am happy to charge people to walk through some of the theme choices out there. However if you are on a tight budget, you could spend some time browsing one of the theme directories and saving a few that are similar to what you have in mind.
Then I can spend time taking those and custom modding them to match your needs.

See some of the free to use wordpress themes by clicking here. Might want to click 'popular' and or 'latest' and scroll a bit. Note the name of any that look appealing.


I am flexible with pricing for brand new businesses, charities, and people that want to trade services sometimes. I also try to suggest ways people can save money. Some clients will not take the time to write the content or choose photos to use, I am happy to do all that, but the is extra time and adds to the cost.

Can we meet and discuss in person?

Yes. I normally need a few days notice to re-arrange scheduling, but I am happy to do so. I charge $120 / hour to meet in person, and charge for travel time and expenses.

Find out

Feel free to contact me with some info about what you are looking for and I will see if I can find the best ways to create for you.

Do Note

We will not use images or other assets that are taken from google images, or found on social networks and such. We only publish assets when rights to republish have been acquired and assigned.

If you need some stock photos to use they can be purchased from places like istockphoto - and can be had for free if you browse a place like pixabay.

If you intend to use images, video, audio or other works from friends, family, your co-workers or even partners that supply you with tools, we require that you get consent to republish rights in a signed release form.

* $20 for quick fixes is for established clients that have all the needed details already put together for me to login to their site and know what they want and have a backup already made. If we need to email back and forth 10 times to hash out all the details, that is going to triple the price.
I have forms for you to use to make these things easier and faster. Please use them.