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We now do lots of consulting. For years we've been brought into projects that were in need of changes, and sometimes other professionals worry that we are trying to take their business and get adversarial. We don't try to take over if you have an active designer, or web hosting company, security personnel or whatever you are already working with.

If you are are on the fence about this tech or that, or doing X or Y with your site, your advertising, web hosting, all sorts of things tech - reach out to us with your situation and what your goals are. We can arrange a conference all, some screen sharing and put together some plans for you.

We enjoy consulting and making suggestions. We can put another set of eyes on your project and maybe see more that you current or previous team was not looking for.

Sometimes clients love their design but don't like how their web site is performing in search results. Well you can usually keep your design and your designer, take some actionable advice from us and tighten up some underlying code merges and have your site performing well enough to match your competition.

Sometimes a client needs something different like a different web hosting situation to reach their goals. In that case we could do the web hosting, but I almost always suggest our clients choose one of the other professional hosting companies out there that have larger support staff to meet possible challenges.

This is the same with most things we do. I enjoy making logos, but our time would be better spend with me suggesting places to get some done.

There are times when it's just faster for me to login to your site and make some edits. There are a few times when we keep some secret sauce recipes to ourselves and not teach other designers some specific things if need be, but we don't try to get other professionals out of the mix.

It's a 10 minute block for $20 to look at your situation. Some projects we can advise on for as little as $200, the average cost of our research and development is $500 - $2000. The size and scope of your project will determine many things. Contact today and we'll see if we can help guide your project in the right direction.

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