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Contact Us

Currently, best method for initial contact is through the web form I have on the weblog section.

Click here for the contact form in the wordpress / weblog section.

You can also send an email - SteveBees At

I have a toll free number if needed, and you can text / voicemail if we have a business relationship. Not posting those digits here publicly, but they are available if we talk.

I enjoy screen sharing when it's convient for the both of us, my favorite portal for this is the Zoom.Us portal - I could do other services like gotomeeting if you are locked down to that, but the security and privacy included with the free and pro plans at make them my favorite.

It's easy to setup and use!

In a pinch we could use 'google duo' to videochat and you can hold your phone camera up to whatever we need to be looking at. It's free and fast so it can work in a pinch.

I also do on site visits for some clients. This generally requires at least 3 days notice.

If you have a couple of quick and simple questions, it may be worth a quick peek at the Common Questions / Answers / FAQ on this page.