It can happen to anyone! A virus invades for system, erases your hard drive and sends random documents to everyone on your contacts list.. or worse.


Use a good antivirus program, and keep it up to date!

If you donít have current antivirus software running scan your system now for free by clicking here.

If you need a good antivirus program we recommend reading our newest blog page about viruses.

There are a few free ant virus programs you can use if you canít afford the money to buy one, although some of the best anti-virus software is now availabe for only $40 - and that will give you license to use the premium paid software on three computers. Of course you could spend more, but there are many great options today!

For a free antivirus program try Avast antivirus free

Or try AVG antivirus for free if you donít have your computer networked to other computers.

Avira has a new free version available, and Avira is really good!

Many viruses are installed on computers when surfing adult internet sites, and more and more often, social networking sites like myspace and facebook. Many times computers become infected when they are used by people who do not actually own them. For this reason we suggest using parental controls on your computer, and setting up user accounts where access to installing software is limited to the computer owner.






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