All About Podcasting

All about podcasting

Podcasting can be many things, and can be called many things. One alternative is "blogcasting", which implies content based on, or similar in format to, blogs. Another is "audioblogging." Yet another is "rsscasting". In 2005, the term POD has been described as "Personal On Demand" radio. Unlike traditional AM/FM radio, or T.V. you can listen at your leisure.

Podcasting can be audio podcasts (like music or talk radio), and audio / video podcasts have sprung up everywhere as well

A podcast is essentially nothing more than an mp3 file downloaded to your computer. On of the things that seperates podcasts from an mp3 file floating around on the internet, is podcast or RSS / newsfeed agregators, which come in many forms, but for the most part these programs basically scan the internet sites that you choose (such as news sites, talk radio shows, interviews, classes, amateur blogs, audio blogs, etc.) and find the new mp3s for you, presenting on a list for you to browse through at your leisure.

Some podcasting aggregators can display the audio and video right on your computer, some take you to the web page where the podcast is from, and some have synch software which will download the audio or video to your ipod or other mp3 player. If your ipod / portable media play is video enabled then you can enjoy video podcasts automatically downloaded, and updated to your device, taking fresh content with you to enjoy at a later time.

Some broadcast television shows have licensed thier t.v. shows for purchase through the itunes store with apple, and we expect many more audio and video podcasts to become available as the technology grows.

As is often the case with new technologies, pornography has become a part of the podcasting scene - producing what is sometimes called podnography.

Perhaps the biggest myth about podcasting is that you need an ipod to enjoy it. We have found a bunch of ways to subscribe and watch and listen to a variety of podcasts with just a computer, and a standard mp3 player such as windows media player, winamp, or itunes.

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