New Nashville Web Sites 03-2009

A couple of new – or relaunched web sites from the Tn area, mainly Nashville. We love working with new web site clients, although it is quite challenging to teach people at first what they need to consider, once the new site is up and running it’s great to see concept become a reality. Nashville… Read More »

WordPress as social network backbone suggestions

Social networks and the software that runs them will continue to grow and evolve, and people like you sharing your comments about ways to improve will constantly make it better.

As Louis James points out in another of the comments there, flickr is already very social,

Finding a mentor via online social communities

Finding a mentor via online social communities from yahoo news / Reuters By Kate Holton Thu Feb 21, 3:44 PM ET LONDON (Reuters) – “Lavenderblu” was a young girl when she got her first taste of domestic violence. After suffering at the hands of her father and witnessing repeated attacks on her mother, she ended… Read More »

Marketing Strategies with Social Networking Sites

Performaincing publishes an article explaining some of the benefits, and various ways to use social networking for marketing. An excerpt: Unfortunately, the fact is that being “social” is becoming an absolute necessity for online success for web workers, including pro bloggers. (Business Week has an extensive article on how social media will change your business,… Read More »

Your MySpace Web Browser Is Coming

Article found via digg Your MySpace Web Browser Is Coming — Flock, the Mozilla-based social web browser has made the announcement that everyone has been waiting for: they will now integrate with MySpace. Building on the MySpace Developer Platform, Flock will allow users to surf the web with their MySpace friends in their sidebar.… Read More »

Social network software rising

We’ve been consulting for several clients about social networks and keeping a close eye on the developments of various social network software and the niche sites that are springing up and using them. There have been some new developments in both areas, here’s a few we’d like to highlight. Automattic (wordpress parent company, creators of… Read More »

AT&T Looking at Internet Filtering

AT&T Looking at Internet Filtering Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:18 AM EST Article found via Newsvine / Associated Press AT&T Inc. is still evaluating whether to examine traffic on its Internet lines to stop illegal sharing of copyright material, its chief executive said Wednesday. CEO Randall Stephenson told a conference at the World Economic Forum… Read More »