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Backbase – Ajax Development Software

A very cool looking new product for web developers, the demo creations look great, and I’d love to work with this product to create some more interactive portals, but the current price will keep this out of our product development toolbox for a while… The site says prices subject to change -perhaos one day it… Read More »

Waxxi is a New Kind of Podcast

we have been working to create a similar project, and I am glad to see that other people have had and are wokring on the same idea, usually that means it is a good one. I think that there is room in this space for several call in podcast channels, just as there is room for several talk shows in each radio market.

…where people can call in and participate (Frank Gruber has more). The kickoff podcast is with Naked Converstions authors Shel Israel and Robert Scoble, on May 20, 2006 at 10:30 AM PST. If you would like to participate, register on the Waxxi homepage and you will receive a toll free number to call and a participation code.

News of AOL’s so called “Myspace Killer”

Everyone wants to be msypace, exactly why, I wonder if they even know. Most startups going into this “myspace” wanna be area are doomed for certain failure, but the details pointed out a tTechCrunch today show how AOL could easily use it;s existing databse to create a myspace like zone on the web that already has friends lists propagated, which may actually get both of AOLS feet into the “space” realm quickly.

Podcasts Surpass Radio Stations Worldwide; Podcast Demand Growing Faster Than Supply

Podcasts Surpass Radio Stations Worldwide; Podcast Demand Growing Faster Than Supply – From Podcasting News The number of podcasts managed by FeedBurner, a news feed service provider, now exceeds the total number of radio stations in the entire world, according to Rick Klau, FeedBurner’s VP of Business Development. Podcasting is also one of the fastest… Read More »