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realchat backend pages one

there are more pages, and docs available if interested. also – the list of moderation options needed is on the team page along with screens of avchat and gchats admin / backend settings for reference.

Research before buying web software – script security is important

We spend a good deal of time researching software before we buy it, and even then we are at time disappointed with purchases we had hoped would make web sites function better. Whether it’s server side software for web site addons, or complete web site scripts, take the time to research the piece of software… Read More »

WordPress as social network backbone suggestions

Social networks and the software that runs them will continue to grow and evolve, and people like you sharing your comments about ways to improve will constantly make it better.

As Louis James points out in another of the comments there, flickr is already very social,

Social network software rising

We’ve been consulting for several clients about social networks and keeping a close eye on the developments of various social network software and the niche sites that are springing up and using them. There have been some new developments in both areas, here’s a few we’d like to highlight. Automattic (wordpress parent company, creators of… Read More »

Pluggd podcast community launched

Found via TechCrunch, this new podcast directory / social sharing of tags and stuff site is very cool. Incorporating many features that make it the best on the web. I would expect every other podcast directory to adapt many of the features that this is incoroporating, especially the web crawl feature.