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Research before buying web software – script security is important

We spend a good deal of time researching software before we buy it, and even then we are at time disappointed with purchases we had hoped would make web sites function better. Whether it’s server side software for web site addons, or complete web site scripts, take the time to research the piece of software… Read More »

Five Most Overlooked Open Source Vulnerabilities Found By Audits

Foudn via yahoo news / Techweb Five Most Overlooked Open Source Vulnerabilities Found By Audits By Charles Babcock InformationWeek Tue Jan 22, 5:45 PM ET After reviewing 300 million lines of code in 2007, Palamida, a vulnerability audit and software risk management company, says it’s identified the five vulnerabilities most frequently overlooked by users in… Read More »

CIA Says Hackers Have Cut Power Grid

Hopefully if they are reporting this it means that we have fixed all the potential problems in this area. Just another reminded that as our society becomes more and more dependent upon technology, we also become more vulnerable to problems – be it intentional maliciousness or just breaking down. Story found via PcWorld: CIA Says… Read More »