bp audio plugin part one

Need a plugin that works with buddypress, specifically adding a button to click to add an audio comment.
(have a third party script that does the mic recording and saves as mp3)

There is already a WP plugin that works with this audio script api
(hopefully that code will make this project an easy breeze to adapt for BP)

The new plugin needs at minimum-
Button needs to appear in all reply / comment boxes that BP uses –
the activity stream replies to other’s activity updates,
what’s new (activity posts)
post box for group posts (and replies to others’ group posts)
private member to member messages
comments on profiles, etc.

needs to hook into buddypress attachments thing
( https://codex.buddypress.org/plugindev/bp_attachment/ ) and assign the audio file to user ID that posted it – maybe to group ID if posted in group.

Selectable option to display either a text link to the mp3 file, or custom text (a form field in the admin backend I guess) or choose an icon / pic to display when the post is saved.

Bonus points
if you can get an option (or maybe separate plugin) to add a button to the WordPress post editor / page editor both in the tinymce (visual editor) mode and maybe hook into the newish quick tags api ( codex.WordPress.org/Quicktags_API ) to add a button when text mode is selected in the editor.

open to ideas / suggestions / issues to consider with this. May require ongoing development and further updates so I need someone that can be available for enhancements at later date.

I can provide an audior script license that is usable on localhost for testing if needed, or will purchase a copy of the audior script for your if needed.

not sure what happens if a comment is deleted and there is an attached mp3 file.
nice if this could hook into rtmedia file attachments (or mediapress) comment replies


some discussions that may be relevant to this:

Audior API infp – http://audior.ec/support





rtmedia – api – http://community.rtcamp.com/t/upload-api-via-ajax/1786/47?u=stevemedia



extra html5 recording stuff


Recording Audio & Video with HTML5 (co-starring Meteor)

— https://github.com/bpoteat/meteor-html5-video





=-=-=-=- gallery of initial places that I think the record audio button needs to be =-=-=-=-


QnA – with wpmu dev about their plugin

( http://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/bp-activty-plus-everywhere-bp-attachments-info )

I assume from the description that this works in the main “activity” stream thing

Yes, it will show when updating your status

does it also show up and work in groups’ activity?


does it show up in people’s profiles page – where you can add a comment to someone’s profile wall activity?

No, it doesn’t show in comments on other people activity.

Does it show up in the editor when a user sends an “email” / private inbox message to another user?

Public message/mention yes, private message no

Would it auto-hook to be available under the comments on multi-site blogs?

No, it will not show in comments.

Under rtmedia photo comments?

You can see the pattern now 🙂 No, it will not show in comments

So that if someone adds a media item in a group activity feed, I guess it would / should add info to the media to say it is “attached to” User A (who uploaded / posted it) – and “Group B” (where it was posted)

Unfortunately there is no info where the image is attached and the images will not be displayed in your media, you will need to remove them via FTP in separate folder that is created inside your uploads folder.

WordPress Codex Stuff



https://tommcfarlin.com/tinymce-and-wordpress-adding-content/ – info added july-29-2015
any other thoughts / ideas from anyone ??

add – july 30 – On button click, use a page refresh or ajax to fire a function that calls bp_activity_add. ( https://codex.buddypress.org/developer/function-examples/bp_activity_add/ )