2018 – time for new search engines and social share options

By | February 15, 2018

2017 was a shocking year for so many reasons. Some of the biggest portals started censoring in ways never imagined, the giants were caught with their pants down. Some said they were going to change. It looks like the change is for the worse and that it’s not going to get better.

The time is right for a new search engine that takes privacy and access to information more seriously. These are things I’ve thought about for years, however the past 9 months or so it’s become obvious that now is a really good time to jump into this fray. Trust in the big engines and portals has been eroded. They are censoring even more than before, and people are ready to jump ship.

I have seen some people say that we can get a new search engine started for as little as $10,000 in equipment and 5 grand for a year of data connection. I expect that to grow considerably, but to get is started I need some partners that have database skills I don’t have yet. Things similar to hadoop and other big data skills are needed from what I understand. Writing algorithms and scaling data. If you have the skills or want to invest the coin, lets talk.

I also think the time is right for new social networks to pop up, ones that are premium. I don’t see a lot of money in this project, but I think it’s easy.

Basically we need to create some scipts that allow for a one click install of wordpress buddypress with some auto update defaults and security settings, and a script that will email all users of these networks and ask to pay the yearly $100. I think people will want one for family, and another for friends.

Most people will have at least one person in the family that can pay the family server bill of $100 – or they would all chip in a portion. Same with groups of friends.

Easy simple. Solution to problem. Let’d do these.

If you know who to write the coded needed to get one click setups for places like digital ocean, vultr, aws, etc – I know what kind of settings would be needed for wordpress and budypress, we can make this happen easily.

Could be some extra sass money in for all kinds of things, but my goal is to give the world something better, and that can be fast seeing as though we can package what other giants have made available.