WordPress as social network backbone suggestions

By | March 1, 2008

From the RSS feeds, we found a post from Matt linking to an article about one person’s suggestions for making wordpress.com more of a social network.

My comment on this post about wordpress fixes to make it more of a social network, from Rashmi.

There have been several wordpress MU sites that incorporate similar features, as dr mike pointed out in an earlier comment. There have even been a couple sets of plugins specifically made to turn a wordpress installation into more myspace like look.

I think there are a few single instance wordpresses running with multiple authors and contributors registered, that share similar pages to the ones you described aren’t there?

I do look forward to more unique blends of wordpress to shine across the internet for a while to come, it is constantly improving and there are many people using it in many different ways. I can’t wait to see what the community creates over the next couple of years, and I am sure you will see many more social networks using wordpress as a core. We are currently testing an MU based social network (or two 😉

I appreciate your points and suggestions for ways to make it function more like a facebook-like social network, I believe your ideas are valid.

The comments there have made me think what it would be like to create a custom page theme template (for the about page) that would add the author information into the top of the about page. This would be a simple easy way to get the author info shown, now to just get everyone to fill it all in.

As open Id and data portability continue to grow as well, I hope that it becomes easier for internet authors to fill in their info quickly, accurately, and with choice of which information to propagate and share.

Social networks and the software that runs them will continue to grow and evolve, and people like you sharing your comments about ways to improve will constantly make it better.

As Louis James points out in another of the comments there, flickr is already very social, I in fact recommended it in an email to an old friend just the other day, and sent her my flickr address. Flickr is an easy sell to people with it’s free photo sharing and the ability to mark some pictures just for friends and some pictures just for family. Of course you can also have some set for public, and you do have somewhat of a profile with flickr. Hadn’t quite looked at the profile that way, but it does have a lot of info there. neat observation Louis.

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