Moveable Type adds social network features

By | November 14, 2007

Maybe it’s a beta, I have not yet had time to look through all the information about the new features that Moveable Type is adding, but I like where they are going with it, and I love the language skills of the people interviewed and quoted on Tech Crunch from the MT team. I’d love to have a version of this to play with, and I should have figured it’s only a matter of time; there are several similar features and a few social network type sites that have been rolled with with the wordpress mu platform already. Hopefully both will learn from each other and the flexibility of these great apps will be improved and internet discussions will become better and better.

An excerpt from the article at tech crunch:

 Dash emphasized that MTCS is a “serious commercial product.”

It’ll likely cost a few thousand dollars to start, and the target audience is serious, large-scale communities like media companies, major brands, educational institutions, and intranet/enterprise deployments. I suspect that smaller independent sites will mostly grab a small number of free plugins that reproduce some of this functionality on a smaller scale and use that with the free version of MT if they are price-sensitive.

Read the whole article at tech crunch and see what I mean about the excellent language used to describe the move by the MT team.

Link to demo of the features from MT.

The blog here at Global Advanced Media was originally started with the movable type platform, we have since moved to the wordpress software, but we have always had an affinity for the MT features, ever Leo Laporte mentioned it on Tech TV years ago. We’re glad to see that MT is moving forward.

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