TV networks and affiliates challenge FCC on “indecency”

By | April 14, 2006

TV networks and affiliates challenge FCC on “indecency”
Four television networks — ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox — and their respective affiliates are challenging an FCC ruling that several programs were indecent because of language. Snip:

The move represents a protest against the aggressive enforcement of federal indecency rules that broadcasters have complained are vague and inconsistently applied. Millions of dollars in fines have been levied based on those rules.

The appeals challenge the FCC’s finding that profane language was used on the CBS program “The Early Show” in 2004, two incidents on the “Billboard Music Awards” shows broadcast by News Corp.’s Fox in 2002 and 2003 and various episodes of the ABC show “NYPD Blue” that aired in 2003.

Link to AP item.

TV Indecency / FCC fight story found via Boing Boing

One thought on “TV networks and affiliates challenge FCC on “indecency”

  1. Paul456

    The FCC has gotten way out of hand in its efforts to regulate television. Individuals and parents already have the information (ratings) and tools (content-blocking devices) to make and enforce TV viewing decisions for themselves and their children.

    Government regulation might have made some sense in the days when TV sets had 3 channels, rabbit-eared antennae, and no existing ratings and technology for viewers to block unwanted content. Quite clearly, government regulation of TV is outdated and unnecessary. For a reasoned approach to this debate, take a look at TV Watch –


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