Create an RSS Feed With Excel

By | March 12, 2006

Create an RSS Feed With Excel

An idea hit me and I googled it, then wham. It’s been made; an application for creating rss feeds from an excel spreadsheet (In Dec of 2004 no less!). Over at Automate Excel, Mark William Wielgus, a Microsoft Certified Excel Exper,t has created a little application that runs in excel and creates a basic rss feed with ease. This app appears to be pretty customizable and is a great way to get spreadsheet info into rss / xml format.

From the Automate Excle web site:

If you are a website owner without an RSS feed (most Excel Sites) and is capable of logging the Title, Link, and Short Description of your latest article in an Excel spreadsheet, you can now offer your users updates via RSS.

Also, since people are notorious for keeping lists in Excel, if you would like to syndicate those lists, the following could be manipulated to do so(with some VBA know-how of course).

Read more and download the free RSS / Excel app at Automate Excel.

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