Monthly Archives: June 2006

Pluggd podcast community launched

Found via TechCrunch, this new podcast directory / social sharing of tags and stuff site is very cool. Incorporating many features that make it the best on the web. I would expect every other podcast directory to adapt many of the features that this is incoroporating, especially the web crawl feature.

2 teens charged with extortion

From Yahoo / Associated Press LOS ANGELES – Two New York teenagers were in police custody Wednesday facing illegal computer access and attempted extortion charges after they allegedly threatened to shake down the popular Web site unless its operators paid them $150,000, prosecutors said. Shaun Harrison, 18, and Saverio Mondelli, 19, of Suffolk County,… Read More »

Yahoo makes Web video search more like TV channels

Yahoo makes Web video search more like TV channels By Eric Auchard SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Yahoo Inc. is making it easier for Web surfers to find videos by upgrading its search system to become more like saving favorite TV channels with a remote control, the company said on Wednesday. The Internet media giant aims… Read More »