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A Grand Unified Theory of YouTube and MySpace

A Grand Unified Theory of YouTube and MySpace From Boing Boing A terrific Slate piece by Paul Boutin about the factors contributing to YouTube’s success: it’s easy to use, and it doesn’t “tell you what to do.” Snip: The guys behind YouTube hit the sweet spot. Most important, they made it head-slappingly easy to publish… Read More »

AT&T to offer movies over Internet

From Reuters NEW YORK (Reuters) – AT&T Inc. said on Wednesday it will offer its high-speed Internet subscribers a movie delivery service in partnership with Starz Entertainment Group, a unit of Liberty Media Corp.. Vongo, the service from Starz, will feature a co-branded AT&T and Vongo Web site at with a 14-day free trial… Read More »

Microsoft plans to buy videogame-ad firm: report

From Reuters LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT – news) plans to pay $200 million to $400 million for Massive Inc., a privately held company that places ads in video games, the Wall Street Journal said on Wednesday. The deal to buy the two-year-old start-up highlights the increasing importance of advertising in nontraditional media,… Read More »

Mobile Phones Revolutionize Webbrowsing, Study Says

Mobile Phones Revolutionize Webbrowsing, Study Says By Steve Javors From XBiz (Adult Content There – NSFW) PARIS, France  According to the annual study by Ipsos Insight called “The Face of the Web”, mobile phone browsing is globally revolutionizing the way people view the Internet. The boom of cheap mobile phones, coupled with faster wireless… Read More »

News of AOL’s so called “Myspace Killer”

Everyone wants to be msypace, exactly why, I wonder if they even know. Most startups going into this “myspace” wanna be area are doomed for certain failure, but the details pointed out a tTechCrunch today show how AOL could easily use it;s existing databse to create a myspace like zone on the web that already has friends lists propagated, which may actually get both of AOLS feet into the “space” realm quickly.

Trash that PC in an eco-friendly way

An article from Cnet that should be shared: By Tom Krazit Staff Writer, CNET FAQ Computer-related waste remains a local and global problem, despite the progress made over the last few years. More and more PCs are recycled, but some estimates say that 80 percent of the electronic waste slated for recycling in the… Read More »

Niche Web networking sites chase MySpace ad dollars

Niche Web networking sites chase MySpace ad dollars From Reuters / Found via Yahoo By Yinka Adegoke NEW YORK (Reuters) – Social networking online isn’t just for hip twenty-year-olds any longer, as a new wave of targeted Internet community sites build business models to attract larger audiences and more advertisers. The Internet will see a… Read More »