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SONR: statistics for podcasting | Web 2.0 Explorer |

We look forward to the video blogging version. Some users may not want to use the separate player, instead enjoying the podcasts on their ipods, or in another video / audio player, however for the users that don’t mind using another branded, player, this one offers some unique possiblities including index / content quick jumps in audio..

Gallup-Blogs Catching On With Web Users

New data from Gallup shows that todat more and more people seem to know what a blog is, and are using them. Overall blog reading is not beating music and video usage online, but more and more people are using blog, I would suggest that many people read and use blogs without knowing it, but… Read More »

MRI Brain imaging of minds watching superbowl ads

Super bowl ads not shown on TV and the ads that aird now available via google video. WHO REALLY WON THE SUPER BOWL? By Marco Iacoboni This year, at the UCLA Ahmanson-Lovelace Brain Mapping Center, Marco Iacoboni and his group used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measure brain responses in a group of subjects… Read More »

German BMW Banned From Google

German BMW Banned From Google This penalty is a good example of what can happen to sites going against the Google webmaster guidelines no matter how big or important one might deem the site. Google writes: “If an SEO creates deceptive or misleading content on your behalf, such as doorway pages or “throwaway” domains, your… Read More »