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By | December 26, 2005

From two very interesting, very blunt blog articles written by E L Frederick, and Information Security Professional, about online safety and internet common sense.. Then some info about online issues myspace and similar social networking site horror stories.. Drama, not reality drama, real drama.

E L Frederick – General: Operational Security for the Home (PART I)
posting to their blogs on sites such as MySpace and Xanga. However, all too often we are taking to banning them from using the sites instead of educating them on the importance of Operation Security (OPSEC).

Banning the usage of the sites is not going to fix the problem. It is going to make the problem worse. It will give the sites a stigma of being “cool and rebellios”. We need to empower our children thru education, not leave them to fend for themselves in a hostile world foundering in ignorance.

As parents we begin to teach OPSEC to our children at a young age when they begin to answer the phone. We teach them not to say
“My parents aren’t home”, but to use,”They aren’t available right now” instead. The difference is slight, but one could mean that my parents are asleep or outside, or in an argument, as apposed to not home.

For instance, I just did a Google search for “Mike Borden”. Mike Borden was one of Kara Beth Borden’s parents. He was killed by David Ludwig a few weeks before the writing of this article.

he places another message on Xanga that says that he and the family are going to be going to Disney World and aren’t going to be home for a week.

Your son, unwittingly, just provided someone with an opportunity to break into your house while you’re away. They have both the address and the window of opportunity sitting in front of them on your son’s Xanga blog.

Something as innocent as a post saying “Hey, DogBoy005, my folks aren’t going to be home tonight, why don’t we get together and rent a movie” Suddenly take on a whole new meaning when viewed thru the eyes of a predator.

E L’s posts are worth reading and sharing..
Read Operational Security for the Home (PART I) here

and Operational Security for the Home (PART II) here

We also stumbled across some very sobering information via from an old yahoo 360 blog that is no longer accessible (NSFW; Adult Content)

And in case you didn’t know

Mommies and Daddies!
1. your little 14 year old daughter is posting semi-nude pictures of herself, her address, phone number, and where she’s gonna be Friday night. Oh is that a beer and/or a joint that I see in those pictures she posted? Smart (see Why the internet can be a bad place to meet people. A murder in Virginia. The Taylor Behl story. )
2. your little Tommy has been posting about how he’s gonna kill himself or somebody else because he feels all alone. (see Teens Both Kept Weblogs)
3. If you still don’t know what the hell is going on, check out Internet Safety: Internet 101 – Blog and Diary Web sites

read the whole post from this guy that swears myspace has ruined his life, and others’.. kind of funny, and in some ways scary…

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